This was like 3 years ago with some of my bro's. on our classmate's 18th,it was a fun night and i remember back then that during our first year's in college we always do tend to go on all our friends 18th to have fun,drink more,get wasted and eat foods like forever rofl.These people are some of my buddies until now we're not complete here because we're so many tbh haha;these guys are my brothers that i will always have whenever i need them the most,maybe someday we're all taking different paths but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the ride right? after all whatever happens,our gatherings are like no other.

Since 13.

Fook this shit.

As you all know the notoriousMMA-McGregor lost to the boxing champ Floyd mayweather jr. what do you guys think? any thoughts? well,Im here to share mine:

For me all those 1-7 rounds McGregor stood up and did what he can,did what he could for the sake of fans and that is a true champion for me,Imagine that he fights MMA and boxing is a different league but the guy still stood up and train to make a difference,to let the world know that he can be the best which he proved for me;that round 8 that he got a punch on his way into his face i think is really the turning point which floyd got his momentum and throughout the remaining rounds floyd did what he was trained for if you guys watch the whole round until 10 it's obvious that the UFC Champ is getting slower and somewhat tired and i think he did well for a first timer in the stage of world boxing versus a 'Floyd Mayweather' and that for me is something.At round 10 the ref. already stop Floyd because he was convinced that McG…

Let's talk about life

What does life gets you? I mean what is this life that we're currently living? First of all im only on my 20's so i guess i have so much more to experience to close down this question but let's break it down , this..

Looking back at my gradeschool years i remember myself waking up every 2am morning crying and begging our Lord to save us all;the words that im always saying everymoment of those times is 'Lord God i don't want to die' that is i think the time when i watch so much on tv and have the knowledge about Christ that we're all going to die etc. that is not just one day,after that day after day i do the same and few minutes that im getting sleepy i will just go to my room and then sleep again like nothing happened,I was young and scared back then so i just couldn't accept the fact that we're going to go somewhere someday when time has come.

Until today,my college years;there are times that whenever im talking to my friends or anyone i would ran…

Dota after a month

I played some dotes earlier this day, 1st game is where i picked void as trilane bot with riki and silencer and it went well i guess even i missed some cs because i suck,did some good chrono but did more bad chrono so in short we lost lmao. the 2nd game i played is where i picked meepo it's like my one of my favorite hero that i always pick when i was in my prime playing dota and i did maybe good? we won yes and i remember that game sucks because we won like +19 mmr and the next game that we lost it's -25 haha the 4th game we played (together with my mates) we won +25 mmr when i was playing PA pos1 at top dire;my farming skills are now so slow not that im saying im a fast pos1 core.

During playing and after playing I thought to myself that i think the game and this patch is the most balance of all the patch in dota? I can't explain but when i play i feel like it's the most balance one without anything that is OP.It's been long since i play and still not reading the…


It's been awhile since i wrote something.Well,to start off i just want to say that ofcourse TI7 is always the biggest and greatest tournament in the history of esports and it's been a great season and now that it's already done we're moving on to the next season and that means post TI7 shuffle period until the roster lock deadline; for me this is one of the best things that's happening after every 'The International' tournament.Im always looking up for some players to join up with other players and ofcourse this year's shuffle is the best for me specially when players from other region join SEA teams,it's just so nice to see and hear that SEA is getting alot into the scene lately,It's good for the scene,the region and ofcourse dota.

As for the community of dota2 aside from it being bigger every year people nowadays are learning more about the game,learning about the teams and the players because what i notice is before many people just play the …

Another Team Visa Issue for TI7

This time it's Team LFY with their two players Monet and Inflame,the two talented player got rejected in their Interview for applying visa.

Source:LGD_DOTA2's weibo account-

English translation: LFY players Peng Du(ID: Monet) and Yongzheng He(ID: Inflame) are rejected in today's US visa interviews. Inflame originally holds a valid US visa. However, due to the loss of passport, he has to apply a replacement visa for the new passport, for which an interview is required. Although Inflame explained to the visa officer that he's applying for a replacement one and that he has been to US three times, he was still rejected without mercy. Previously for Monet's visa issues, the LFY organization prepared comprehensive materials, including:
* Invitation letter from Valve
* Itinerary from Valve and hotel address
* Driver licence
* Certificate of employment
* Business licence of the organization
* Certificate of deposit b…

Steel Series x Evil Geniuses Ep.4

Just want so share this 3minute Q&A video of @SteelSeries Philippines x @Evil Geniuses
so for all EG fanboys out there you may want to check this video out,you might learn more about them.

Here's the link for the video and have fun: