Friday, July 14, 2017

Another Team Visa Issue for TI7

This time it's Team LFY with their two players Monet and Inflame,the two talented player got rejected in their Interview for applying visa.

Source:LGD_DOTA2's weibo account-

English translation:
LFY players Peng Du(ID: Monet) and Yongzheng He(ID: Inflame) are rejected in today's US visa interviews.
Inflame originally holds a valid US visa. However, due to the loss of passport, he has to apply a replacement visa for the new passport, for which an interview is required. Although Inflame explained to the visa officer that he's applying for a replacement one and that he has been to US three times, he was still rejected without mercy.
Previously for Monet's visa issues, the LFY organization prepared comprehensive materials, including:
* Invitation letter from Valve
* Itinerary from Valve and hotel address
* Driver licence
* Certificate of employment
* Business licence of the organization
* Certificate of deposit balance and transactions of past six months
* English references from esports associations of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces
* Guardian's power of attorney and copy of temporary guardian's passport
* Original copy of passport and ID
* Photos of Epicenter 2017 in Moscow
* Temporary residence permit of Shanghai
and etc.
Also, to increase the chance of success, the organization registered motor vehicles under the player's name and hired professionals for training and practice interviews.
During the interview today, questions from the visa officer includes:
1. Intended purpose? Answer: Attending The International 2017 by the invitation of Valve;
2. Are you a student? Answer: No;
3. Occupation? Answer: DotA2 professional player.
After brief conversation, the visa officer started browsing information on the computer. Among the materials provided, only those from Valve were checked. Passports of players were not checked as well. In the end, the two players were rejected.
Regarding current situation, the organization is actively arranging appointments for a second interview, tentatively in next week. For the second interview, senior executive of the LFY organization(US citizen) will accompany the players in the hope of increasing chance of success. We will do our best to help our players overcome current difficulties.

with this problem occuring every year for any team that qualifies an international events It can affect and It has so much impact to the esports industry and community.The question is when can really be esport athletes won't bother think about this kind of problems and just focus on practicing? Dota2 Community and Esports is getting bigger but the problem is when will the world be open minded about the whole community and the athletes that compete for every LAN's they go and need to go.This problem is always occuring every year regardless of any team.I really hope that esports community and big esports company will join hands to make esports a bigger thing where athletes can compete without this kind of problems.

Steel Series x Evil Geniuses Ep.4

Just want so share this 3minute Q&A video of @SteelSeries Philippines x @Evil Geniuses
so for all EG fanboys out there you may want to check this video out,you might learn more about them.

Here's the link for the video and have fun:

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Well,I was just wondering around some things on sites and just done checking out cyborgmatts website but what I find amusing is this game he posted/created on his website.I just thought that I need to share it with you guys when you are bored you can play his game and it's kinda fun sometimes to tap and tap when playing haha.

Here is the link to cyborgmatts game-



As you guys can see on my profile you can also find me at,I've been with the management for some time now and Im really having a great time working with them and thankful to the founder who employed me on their website to write some great content and bring important dota2 news for the community we are building,so if you guys have the time to check it out here is the link to the site and hopefully you can sign up to be a member for free.

At you guys can meet other gamers with specific choice of the games you play,there is a variety of games listed that has each group for where people can join and talk about things about the game,share experience and even ideas about the game.the site is still growing and yep it's freshly new running for months until now.We at enjoys sharing and bringing to you guys news,blogs and different kind of contents related to gaming and esports itself,we also offer to you guys some time a global contest or in short Giveaways where you can earn cool items and more.Just visit the site and explore the platform there's still many rooms to build up but im pretty sure sooner or later we will grow because after all gamers conquer!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

TNC and Execration Visa Issue

The big issue for the week is when a known dota2 and twitch personality @Julius Mariano shared a post which shocked the dota2 community of the philippines.

Is this the hint and is this the start of the biggest help that the local government will provide for not only dota2 players but in philippines esports community? I myself read and heard some news from julius mariano himself that he talked about what is happening and the situation of the visa issues of TNC and Execration to the presidential son who'm also is a big fan of esports and dota which from there a supporting letter from the President Duterte himself is right in the process to help and it will be a big help for the two Filipino Dota2 Squad somehow acquire their Visas to attend the biggest Event with a total of 20+ million dollars and still growing up for grabs for the team who will compete for this years International 2017.

I hope that this step that the government is taking will be the triggering point or somewhat the leap of faith for Philippine Esports;so if you're reading this and you're aspiring to be a professional gamer someday go grind your mmr,build or find a team and compete to tournaments and maybe one day if you succeed that time the Philippine Esports community is bigger than before and has better support from the government.

*The International 2017 is by far the biggest LAN event with the biggest prize pool in esports history.
Goodluck to TNC and Execration on getting their visas and wished them the best for TI7

Thoughts about SEA Region

SEA Region and mostly the PH Community have and has many potential players who is really skilled when it comes to laning,Im not only highlighting Pinoy Dota but also SEA players.SEA region is one of the most aggresive region when it comes to laning believe it or not but it's true but there is always a problem within the region which makes it the most weak region among others like CIS,AMERICAS and EUROPE I will clarify and break down some points depending on my point of view.

1.SEA is cancer- I live within this region but im telling you it's full of cancer,the level of plays here in sea be it on high mmr or low but ofcourse there's a difference right but even on average or on higher mmr there will always be a cancer or somewhat players always go tilting and blaming that's the big problem in this region there are many players who play the game who can easily get hot headed specially when losing the game as I have played many rank games on my account/s what I really encounter when there is a cancer in the team is that cancer can get on anyones nerves even the positive member of the teams with decent farms can be distracted which can result to bad performance.

2.SEA don't have the right mind set- Amateur local sea teams have the skills to compete we can't argue to that if they already proved themselves on various tournaments but there is still lack in mindset because early and young teams mostly play and practice games and dota without even studying,back then if you play good dota and sync with your team it can workout and also back then 1 hero or 1 member who can lift up a team will do to win a match up but today dota is never the same the dota now needs more attention means if you're really into the game and serious about competing you need atleast know how to analyze or study the game,the heroes,future opponents strats and even building your own strats for the team this is mostly done by the captain or drafter but for me I can say that yes the drafter will need to play a huge role on that but I think everyone needs to study for sometime together to talk about and share Ideas about their team and strats.Dota before is just a game you play and if you get lucky you can earn money on it but now you can't just say it's a game if you want to get into the professional scene you need to get serious,grind that mmr,study some dotes with your team and be serious about it like a daily job not just a game but ofcourse don't forget to have fun playing and studying the game because after all it's the game we all love.

3.SEA is a poor region compared to other region- This is one of the important points of this blog.
Teams now adays specially those who has sponsors and big time managers has a BOOTCAMP,COACH and ANALYST,those are the three most important roles for a proffesional or amateur teams who wants to go international.How this affect the team and players? here it is if the players have those things that i mention earlier the players mindset will be only dedicated on practicing and playing dota,it is a problem because if you don't have those that I mention is you're on your own you will do these,you will do that and the team or a drafter alone cannot shoulder all the responsibility on studying,analyzing the game and about bootcamp it sets the players mind to practice and stay on the bootcamp to grind and get more stronger rather than only playing on cafe's with 5 of you there will always be something that would came up that leads to one or more member of the team have a problem with this,needs to go early,cannot go to practice because of internal family problem and things like that so having a bootcamp will be so handy for teams.A team for example is Execration this qualifiers for TI7 they had a coach which is 'BYB' who they called to coach them for the last day of the qualifiers but if you will look into Execration the management really lack in coach and dota analyst those two are important roles when it comes to teams that have the skill to go International like execration,at the moment they don't have those kinds of dota personalities but in time they will need to hire someone;maybe this TI7 we can see them with a coach or an analyst which can really be helpful for the team who wants to roar high at TI7.

Importance of Wards

so Im up again for another blog.This is one of the most important thing on while playing dota because it provides so much to the game let's talk about warding.

Why do each team has to use wards? mostly the supports.

As everybody knows wards provides the team and each member of it a sight and true sight of its location,wether it's on the ground or at a cliff.There are two wards that exist in dota the first ward that we're gonna talk about is the Observer ward-This ward provides a sight on the location given the range of that ward towards that location it gives sight or Intel rather on wether there is an enemy on that camp,a neutral stacks that the enemy can steal,even a courier and last but not least can be a rune that you can get.This intel is so crucial to the game because with this observer ward many team fights and deaths can be made with such massive intel without and opposing team knowing that there is a ward planted on that location.Observer wards serves as the eye of the team for the opposing team wether it maybe a defensive ward to play more safe or an offensive ward and play more aggressive as you see an enemy nearby It is so important as you can get many kills or even prevent death but as you know you cannot abuse it unlimitedly because the game would be so boring if you can buy observer wards over and over so game developers made the number of observer wards you can buy within a given amount of time or cooldown of the ward,given that info pro players and even amateurs who play really competetive when it comes to any game may it be tournaments or just any rank buy and use wards accordingly rather than plant it because you just want to have a sight on one location;now players with knowledge about warding now plant wards depending on game situation and strategies.

Sentry Ward-This ward provies TRUE sight which means it can reveal a planted observer or another sentry ward of the opposing team in other terms sentry wards reveals and gives true sight for those of invisible units may it be a hero,a ward or even summon units that can go on stealth mode.At this current patch you can buy sentry wards unlimited as long as you have the gold to purchase one and this is kinda handy for you can deward anytime the observer wards or sentry wards itself of the opposing team that can make it hard for them to either defend or get aggressive in team fights and even on ganking.sentry wards is most likely bought specially if you're going up against hero like bounty hunter,riki and other heroes that can go stealth mode;as far as I can say Observer ward play a huge part and role for team fights for giving massive information of the enemy team but always remember that sentry wards can have a huge impact to the enemy team if you always can deward their observer wards using the sentry wards which can be a big problem for them.